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Related article: Date : Wed, April 10, 2011 23 30th 31 -0600 From: Andrew Lorenzetti u003candrewgay41 hotmail. In Chapter 11 with Andy Lake 18 years or more to read this story - Broken Tears 11 broken tears : com u003e Subject. Stop, if the idea of ​​sex between same-sex couples dislike sex, , and Naked Preteen Girls if so, they are, what the hell are you here? ? Thank you, Stephen, are available for treatment and disposal. All usual disclaimers apply. If you are not supossed to read, , then it should not, but I know I can not stop. * Sigh * All these characters are fictional, all made by me, thank twisted my fantasy, but erotic. I am the author, so obviously I have the history and copyrights. You can only n be distributed or downloaded for personal pleasure with my approval. Hey guys, this is very revealing secret chapter. Hope you like as much as I did, and do not forget to send me an e- mail. I always answer my mail : D ------------------------------------- - -------------------------- ------------ Recap - I looked and there was a note that the last meeting, said that place in the auditorium. I turned to leave the room, and a hand covered my mouth fixed. I was drawn in the closet and crashed into a wall. I heard someone behind me unzip a fly, and I swallowed hard and tried to reach the door in fear. -------------------------------------------- - --------------------------- ---- NOTE : DAD refers to Marcus Tyler as rarely bE in chapter , and still mark as a brand, so do not confuse their dumb heads ! ******************************* * his life in a song - Chapter 11 \\ \\ n ******************************** I had tears in his eyes. Someone raped me... It did not last Naked Preteen Girls long. that kicked me and started having sex with me, but a few seconds later, someone broke through the door. I remember the man took off from me, but I look around to see who it was. went to the door, opened it and ran away. I was in the middle of the playhouse s, and kept mourn. I felt so dirty and are used. I'm disgusted. How I can weak enough to make anyone who for me? My pants were a little loose, so fixed. I was raped, but was not as traumatic as it does not last long. It is still used horrific feelings, however. I ran into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I've never been upset with me. I washed my face and lookedat me in the mirror. No one will know ! No one! I scolded me and relaxed. Nothing happened, nothing. I have only to let it go, and nobody will know how weak he was. I left the bathroom I went to the room, looking over my shoulder every from time to time. My pace was fast, and I found it a bit when I came to the door of the room. I entered and saw Maybe I should tell Li. that went for it. If I say that will haunt your memories? No, I stay calm. Maybe I'm SHOuld say, Jeff and Cale. They are children, and tells me that if I want dad or not talking. Yes, I would say, Jeff Cale and today. " Hey, Li," said walking with her when she hugged me almost immediately. " Something is wrong. You look terrible. " I said as he rubbed her back. " I'm fine, just one. Papas little about the emotional problems I told you, remember? " I said, and seemed to buy it. "Now everything will work. I know. He loves you. " She said smiling to me. u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e ", a song! A song is full of experiences. A song, or at least good, is from the inside, all the pain of love, of passion. "said Mrs. Cadbury in a fire in his eyes. He said, " the song is to begin tomorrow, children. You who have not much to spread today. " She N and entered the auditorium stage. She began training with us as all working on their songs and was able to murmur, to hear how person wrote in their roles. I felt nauseous again. Vi in ths of paper in front of me, and unconsciously, had written "worthless" in large letters. I always looked to one side, and that's what I I thought. I was deep in thought, as Mrs. Cadbury caught reached back to the stage and took the microphone to make an announcement. " Boys, Brandon wants to bring here through a song to express, so please listen to ". She said with a tone of surprise, and everyone looked Naked Preteen Girls around and ", she murmured. Brandon never sang. We have around the room and found it in the stage. He looked scruffy and had a swollen eye. My fear began to grow when I saw him looking at me, and had a sad, dead eyes. that sang the song apologize by Timbaland and his voice sounded big, really big ! I'm on your fixed line got me ten feet off the ground n And I hear what you say But I can not tone you tell me that I need ot then go I cut But wait... you tell me you're sorry Do not I turn around and say.. thatit is too late to apologize, it's too late I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late It would take another chance, a fall, an opportunity for you to And I need as a heart needs a coup sang and sang with tears in her eyes. He looked at me as if he did it. He was sorry he had not raped me, I always violated, and when he did, n I have saved? I could not. He looked scared, and looked to the door and told me I had to go Li. I looked for a second, gave me a sad smile and nodded. I ran as fast as I could. I just wanted to go from school, and I felt a hand on my back. I turned away in fear. " Hey, baby. What 's going on? " Jeff asked me, threw in his arms. " J Jeff, I can talk with you and Cale... alone? " I asked, in tears, and n immediately involved with. " Shhh, baby. All is well. Let Cale and my house, okay ? " rubbed her back and kissed my cheek softly. Cale and went to Jeffs. We arrived and sat on the couchand were larger on the couch n about me, just a table in the center. "yo- yo- yo.. I was... " I could not speak, and seemed so concerned and concerns. "Ty Talk to us, it is obvious that something disturbing. Please contact for us. " Caleb said with tears in her eyes. "Baby, please, I 'm here for you. Please talk to me. " Jeff said as grabbed my hand on the table. " I- I need coffee.. " I said, getting up, and gave me a strange look. "What? " Jeff asked clearly confused. " I need coffee. I go to Ben as a cup race. Who wants some ? " I said nervously. " Ok, you need some time alone. I have a coffee - mill" Jeff began.. "Two drops of vanilla, cinnamon and just a spoonful of sugar " , I said : smiling, and he had a smirk on his face. " Do you remember my request... I love you. " He said. He approached me and kissed me front of me, and that just makes so much pain away. " I love you too " I said as I walked towards the door began. I looked at Cale. "Ad something? "I asked, smiling, and he smiled back. " No, thanks... " He said n it out the door and walked slowly to Ben I started playing I wanted to in my head saying someone raped me Jeff, but I know I think. was Brandon. no, that would not work. would be crazy and all search for Brandon. He raped me in disgust and would be left me. tears started running down my face as I walked fast. " can not be let me. He loves me, but what if you stop when I say love ? "It s been a little chilly out there today, so I ran until I got to Ben. I entered, wiping away tears, my cheeks cold due to cold air wash my face as I ran. I went to the counter and leaned against it. ", Tyler! What is happening ? I, Li- away party would be at night. "Ben told me to watch while cleaning a cup with a cloth. N " I know. I just came to have coffee. "I said smiling at him, and he smiled return. " Well, I think you want your coffeeCherry? "I asked with a grin. I smiled back and nodded. " Even Jeff vanilla cappuccino. "I said smiling, and began asking the n. I looked around and saw the place was a little more complete and return the coffee table, we sat as usual, was busy. Brandon Sat \\ \\ n in terms of coffee, hands in her hair. was persecuted, and that he felt my eyes because he looked at me. We stood up and looked among them. began to rise, and fear rushed through me. " is already here, boy. This is in the house. "I said, smiling as he handed n me my coffee. " T -t- Thanks, Ben. See you tonight. "I said, quickly took the coffee and bolts of the door. I looked back and saw Brandon running. It was a , while failing until the breath and called my name. I looked back and fell to \\ \\ n knee, and I was confused. I kept on running, a little cups of coffee can spill out of the lid. I arrived at Jeff 's house, and went in my decision making. Jeff loves me and is the UNresistance. I came up and heard some say, in the living room. "God, I bet you about me. " I thought when I walked down the hallway to the room of the s. Then I heard something that changed my life and destroyed it. I was raped, Li, left, and now this.. "I thought you loved me. " Cale said, sobbing, as Jeff raised his hands. " I love you, Cale. You know I do. We love many times, every time is special, but my relationship with Ty is stronger. " Said Jeff n eye watery. " You said you would leave me. " Cale said as he hugged Jeff. " I know, but things change things, love. Are changing. " Cale rubbed Jeff back quiet. " Let me guess, it goes out. " Cale said with a grin. " We love, Cale, and it was perfect. I can not go with you. " Said Jeff sadness. On hearing this, my heart broke, but Naked Preteen Girls somehow I thought it deserved it. Anyway, not worth anything, and everything made sense. Cale, the mystery man, Jeff is no pressure to have sexJeff said, sorry, if we loved each other. all convenient. He did this to me and regretted it ? ! ? ! Tears streamed down my face when I hugged them both. My best friend... I knew how I felt about Jeff. How can that do this to me? " But you told me it was his soul mate. You will not forget me. " Cale said kiss Jeff, Jeff n kissed her gently. "I can not, honey. I love Ty. It's perfect for me. " Cale said Jeff push. "He's fucking perfect for everyone! " Screamed and broke Cale over again. Jeff gave him a hug. They shared a kiss, and I felt my body shake like. " Babe, I forget. " Jeff said, hugging Cale. " You will not forget me, Jeff. My body, my soul, my feelings, all the nights we shared, all the love you gave me that night in the cabin when we s love. " Cale said Jeff grab biceps. I stood, watched, and my body felt numb. Everything around me was moving. I was dizzy. I thought it was excessive coffee in hand, absently. He entered the living room room, and who were in theSofa with no back to me. The cottage is little. It was more than enough for one night with my best friend, and I s believes that every second of it, feeling it was valuable to him. " I will not forget, baby. I love you forever, but it can not hurt, Ty, and I love more. I'm sorry. " Jeff said, when her kiss became more desperate. ", I know. I only make love again. " Cale said, looked at Jeff. " For the last time, but should be soon. Ty will be back soon. " Said Jeff nodded as Cale. My hands felt like jelly, faded, my ear and I could not hear word he said. I looked at her and she seemed blurred due to my vertigo. I focused my eyes a bit and saw that Jeff was shirtless. The cup of coffee I had for him, his hand slipped and fell to the ground, , the lid flew as plastic cups cracked on impact and the coffee spilled on the carpet, a wave. I looked through the glass of his body while he turned and looked at me, bothshirtless on the couch. Cale was sitting on Jeff 's lap and do out. I stood there, my eyes still blurred, the audience is fading yet. that s looked stunned for a while, and I knew I probably saw my blue eyes tears fall like waterfalls. I could not hear what they said, but was reading the mouth perfectly. " Oh, shit. " Both of the mouth, removed him as Cale. I looked at, uncapable to move for a while. vi put on their shirts, and they kept saying things I could not hear. I took a few " It's not what you think. " Jeff 's lips. I could not move. I was stunned and did not know why. Perhaps the pain emotionally and physically. I focused my eyes, and a second, such as is a wave, all my senses returned to me, vertigo and hearing is fading appear. " I'm sorry, baby. I love you! That was a mistake. " Jeff said as he walked away me. I looked at him when he came to me, and before the closing, I ran. I ran through the hall, coffee in hand. I reached the door handle and opened the door with a quick, ran , and when I turned around, Jeff was running the following, according to me. I ran faster than he. I looked back again, closing away quickly. He is on the football team, so it is fast. I tried run more and more, but he came and called my name, and as Unfortunately, he was. We were close to the arrival of Ben, and a few blocks up was my House. I ran down the sidewalk with tears running down. from not many people outside and the sun was setting at this time. I looked back, and Jeff was a few meters, so that was the only thing I as possible. He looked at me and threw hot coffee on him yet. Coffee opened its doors in the air and splashed his face and shirt. He stopped and whistled in pain, and I ran faster and faster. I looked back, and no after me. I rushed home and opened the door, closed, and is closed as a precaution. Icame into my living room and sat on the couch, hands on the face of my s as I sobbed. Why did this to me ? He does not love me enough to wait ? Why Caleb to do this, too? I cried and felt a hand on my shoulder n. I thought it was Jeff, but he turned and with a brand concerned his face. His arms wrapped tightly around me, and I left them all, the tears and pain. "What am I doing wrong, Ty? " Mark said he hugged me stronger. " J -J -o- o- Jeff is on me with the C- C- ale fraud. " I cried uncontrollably, and hugged me stronger. " I know, son. I know, baby brother. Will be fine. " I said, rubbing n my back. Cried lighty. I love that love as powerful as it does. I cried and cried in front of him to remember what you said, and I immediately expelled from his arms and jumped from his arms. " You know that!" I shouted. It looked like a deer caught in headlights, , and sobbed more. " I just wanted to say. I did not want to do harm. " He sHelp as looked at me. " fucking knew it! " I almost never cursed, and he seemed surprised. " I am so, so sad. " He said, and tried to come from me, quickly secured. " DO NOT TOUCH ME! How long did you know? AND DO NOT LIE TO ME, I go to find out! " I cried as stated, with the eyes. " T -t -2 months," he stammered. That was the moment I felt humiliated, no value, with a broken heart, my ass ! I did not say. " two months ? " Collapsed and fell to his knees. Mark tries to touch me, but I crawled. He leaned back, and had my father ran in seconds down the stairs. It seemed a little drunk and had a small beard, which is in opposition to it. "What is happening here? " He asked, as he saw me mourn. He approached me, took me on the couch, sat down and hugged me. "J- Jeff. Dad, he tricked me. Mark knew for two months ! " I cried, and He got underneath me. I looked up at him. His eyes were haunted, as usual, , and smelled of beer. "You'll get over it. " He said, a little like him ru Coldybbed my back. " No, Dad, just the thought of someone else to kiss me or I to disgust me. " I cried in the chest. Then, when, how, I can say... Hell broken. I saw my father as he shrugged his shoulders at me and looked to disgust. His eyes were unfocused, his pupils were wide open, and then you have slapped me in the face, hard. Then she passed me and pulled me out of the from her arms and on earth, and I fell backwards. " Maybe if I did not spend a fag NONE of this shit ! Maybe if you goods FAG no, I have not drunk, I would be delighted. " He shouted as he me my body on the floor. He lifted his foot stepped on his stomach, and a ball of pain and began to mourn. That was it. My father difficult to accept my sexuality, and that 's why he was distant, cold, n and drink. It all made sense. I did not know how to deal with him, so he spoke through the rose. He hated his son gay. "Dad, what the fuck? " Mark shouted as he looked at my father in shock. I a my father saw, he looked for a second, and his eyes seem to be Naked Preteen Girls n be recalibrated. He began to tremble, and his hands shook, covered her mouth in the of horror and tears flowed freely down her face. " B -b -baby I'm sorry. " He ran to me and dragged me n my feet and ran down the stairs. I looked back to the room. Dad was crying in the arms of Mark, , and Jeff was at the door with a look of pity and horror on his face. It was me, Naked Preteen Girls we locked eyes, and I ran to my room, closed the door own, as usual. I knew I would come and press the code to open the door, so I ran to the bathroom and filled a glass with water. I ran to my room, looking for Naked Preteen Girls my baseball bat and hit him out the number of where the machine code, and it cracked. I poured in the water , and sparks flew. Naked Preteen Girls My door was locked and can only be opened manually from the inside. I've heard some run of the stairs, and soon knock on my door. Beat the code, but because the machinefucked up was not work. I ran to my bed and began to mourn on my pillow, and when I took my on my pillow, I saw the notebook and a pen I had with him I had to write to if the song inspiration I've received. I grabbed it and wrote away. I finish my song in seconds, as he wrote. I knew what to do. that s was as clear as water. "Ty, open the door! You do anything stupid ! " Jeff said in the door. " I have you. How much more stupid to get it? " It broke my anger in the voice of my s. He kept his mouth at once, and I heard him sobbing. I have never insulted a Jeff. Ego Fick " My son, I'm sorry. Please open the door. We need to talk. " Said my father begging. " Leave me alone. Give me a few hours to rest! " I yelled at her, and agreement after the requested time. I grabbed my phone and I knew what to do. I Li to talk to people a little more. I have to deal with it. My tears have stopped , and went to the bathroom and looked at me. " Weep no more!No more! " I screamed and puncturehed the mirror, and broken. I took a shower and change, and took my cell phone. My Naked Preteen Girls life will change. [3 rd person POV] Tyler made ​​all your calls, as it was in his room, and n in two hours, Trevor and Jeremy came home. As soon as he entered, he saw the three men in conversation with Tyler swollen eyes, not to mourn. Trevor and Jeremy felt a surge of anger, making their way into them. They entered, Jeremy eyes met Ty 's father. " You're an idiot ! And you too," shouted Marcus and Jeff. "We're sorry. I was going through a lot. " Marcus said, watching the boy. "Tyler is too good for every one of you. ' M Mark, I'm disappointed that you do not tell a him, and Mr. Jacobs, you are the parent. You could have said! Y , Jeff, are just trash. "said Trevor, and who came up with Jermz in tow. They entered the room and called because I needed Ty Ty his help. Moments later, with Trevor and Jeremy Ty at least three bags each. Tyler had a shoulder bag and with a suitcase. What the intention of killing him, but he was already dead. [Tyler POV] " M- Marcus I'm leaving. " I say looking at my father. "You can not, I am your guardian angel ! " He spat with enthusiasm. " I am aware, but the contract states that if you have any questions with my sexuality, which of course was immediately emancipation. I said, Sarah, mother, lawyer, and this by email mail sent to you. " I gave him the emancipation documents. I hated the cold of my father, but he hit me. it is it would be if all the world to reach collapse. He read the papers, and immediately looked much older, as if into seconds, and let out a groan. I know what you think. Some gay people have worse a parents, but I would not be a psychological burden for him. It was disgust me, so this is good for him and me. "P -please, my son, do not. " He asked. " No, Mark, I'm not your son. " I said, his voice cracking a little. "Nor, Ty, do not go! "Said Mark as he tries to take the bags of Jeremy. " Mark, let's go now! Naked Preteen Girls "He leaned back, and Jermz and Trev went with my ​​suitcase. " Marcus, I'm sorry, but we need this as much as me. I 'm going to go with Lee and his parents accepted my guardanship. I'm moving to Los Angeles, and not return. "I said quietly, and there was a loud explosion. I looked around and Jeff was kneeling beside me. " Do not go, baby. Do not go, please. I love you. Please give me another opportunity. Please do not go. All of them are for me. Please know that I fucked up, , but I'll do anything. Please stay. "Jeff, trying to reach the hand of my s. The hit and I fell. N " Do not touch me ! "I broke it. He was so affected by my words. I looked at and cried some more, and he put his head on the floor and wept. N " Sorry, brother... I really am. "Mark said, and hugged. I knew no turning back and I knew that I go. " Good luck " he said as Hugged me close and wept. " Goodbye, Mark. " I went to my dad and hugged him, and he had a cry. "Sorry, son, " said touched my face. " I know, but we need time, Marcus. Perhaps in a few years we will see over again. " I said as tears filled my eyes. He looked so sad, and broke the heart of my s, but I had to go. She hugged me again and entered the garden, and of roses seemed to look down. "Sorry, Mom. I could not believe it. " I said while walking through the roses and kissed, and a tear rolled down my face. " I'm not as stong. " I cried when I wiped the tears from my eyes. "I need to ". More tears ran and fell on one of the roses. "Why have you forsaken me ? " I will let more tears, I stroked the petals of a time more. " No. I hope you are well in heaven. " I would be there with you. "I cried. I grabbed my bag and returned return home and wiped away tears. I returned to the house and hugged and dad Mark, and Jeff punch else on earth that. Ihe saw it and looked at me. I nodded his head in the kitchen, and immediately got up and left in the kitchen. I went and looked. " Why? " I asked. He looked at me and his eyes seemed lost. " do not know. I wanted was sex, and Cale. I thought I was strong. I I know that I love you and I feel lost without you. " He said, as if to embrace is \\ \\ n me. I walked away and cried when I met him. " Jeff, I can not. You know, I'll forgive. That's what I love you, but still, I have to go. 're Hurting me, and there is no guarantee you will not \\ \\ n do it again. "I said, as tears swam. " And with my best friend," I said more to me. "I know. Shit, but we can start again. Do not leave for me. " He said sadly. It broke my heart, and I wanted to jump in his arms and ask for love. " I'm not going for you. I'm going for me because it hurts. " I said, approached him, and I tiptoe and kissed him gently. " Goodbye, Jeff. "He told me to go out the door. " Please, no. I need you. "I was crying and looked at me. " Cale bet to meet this need. Do not make him what you did to me. "I said out of the kitchen. I looked at Marcus and Mark, when I the door, and smiled sadly at her. I looked back at the house, since n was. Goodbyes are sad I thought to myself. " Are you okay? "Trevor came to me and hugged me. " No, "I said, and hugged me. " Will you? "Asked Jermz. " I ", I said, as he hugged her, too. I went on my way to the father lobster WHeR Li, Carl, was my luggage by Li in the back. Trev and Jermz me in the back and not have to talk on our way to Ben n Cafe. Carl looked at me and gave me a sad smile and vice versa. I Li knew that his parents had wanted as a child, and hesitated not even know if asked if they could take care of my. have even cried emotion. 'll miss his dad. he is my real father, but you need space, and I need legal certaintyCare. The carriage stopped at Ben, and it was a banner at the top , that happiness LI, and words ugly, Ty said. I was there an add A few moments ago. I smiled at the flag, came into the cafe, and drowned with questions. What more he said, so what about the father of my s. Caleb was there and he was in the back over and was lookng to me. I saw him, and seemed ashamed of themselves. I felt bad for him, but s in reality was much more. The parting was brief and very sad. Many people have been cried when she left us, and in six months I've really connected with some people. Kyle seemd like an accident, and he could not help but mourn by his eye black. Why did a black eye ? I wondered. Well, we have an n had an hour before having to catch the plane. We started to say goodbye, but People wanted me to sing. I wanted to sing, too. I needed to secure the release anger and sadness with a song. I went on stage in the cafeteria, grabbed the microphone and the crowd applauded when the music began. a sensebroken ng does not stop at , but it's so hard any part of me n And I 'm down, but I get up again not count me out yet no I'm on my knee forced n And I have to break beyond the point moved n But I can be back Back to the legs This is not over you have not seen the last of me you have not seen the last of me you can say that I'm not going to be But I will stand firm you is not going stop you do not know that I you do not know who I am count me as soon as I have to force my knee n And I have to break beyond the point moved n But I can be back s back on his feet This is not over You have not seen the last of me not fade off This is not the final I'm down now but I 'll rise again times are tough, but that was built firmly I'll show everyone what I have placed in me I am forced to his knees And I'm pushed to the limit on n But I can I'lback l Back to the legs This is not over I'm still not in You have not seen the last of my n o, no, no I am in no I'm not here to stay n Oh, no will not see me asking took my bow I can not end You have not seen the last of my n Oh, no You have not seen the last of me You have not seen the last of me You have not seen the last of my - - Cher finished the song on my knees and tears streamed down my face. This is the song of my s, and I will not quit. I can not leave now. You will never see the final from me. I am stronger than people think I am. I've been through a lot, but not allowed to see how much it hurts. I'm going to show how much they can increase. Naked Preteen Girls All the pain makes me stronger, and boy, I know the pain. I examined the room and saw people clapping. Everybody stood up when I got , and people whistling and screaming. Ben was crying. Marcus, Mark and Jeff was at the door with his mouth open and tears n on their faces. Marcus seemed proud, evenplay with things. It s still seemed proud of me, but in their eyes, I was a fag. that walked off the stage and people started running to me telling me how super he had done and how perfect it was. I blushed, but with a smile through my own tears. Li was excited, and it was all over me. We were so caught in the aircraft not engaged in a left half hours. We ran through the crowd saying goodbye, and I saw Marcus and Marcos. I waved and got into the car and drove to the airport. Li 's father commended me on the road, and was so excited that I could sing. that s made ​​me smile, and I had to smile. We arrived at the airport, was for safety, and began to enter the food line, which is When I heard someone shout my name. I looked into the room almost the boarding area, and saw that someone threw some security guards. I went to see Brandon fight for access to the guards. "Sorry, TY. Sorry DIDN'T on time! Do not go ! "Brandon cried when launched. I stood there with eyes wide open as if someone threw me on the plane. Everything was blurry, while Li was sitting at the no. If \\ \\ n Brandon who has... ? who raped me ? [ Viewpoint Jeff] " Excuse me, do you know where the boy was singing now? "A man asked me how was the coffee stand. " Um, why he's on his way to Los Angeles? Who are you ? "I asked. " A music producer. He has talent. Do you know how to contact him ? "The type I asked. " No, I think I did. "I went from there to mourn. What the hell have I done to n him ? He was so broken, sad, and he hates me now! The fucking hates me. I was a fool, and knew it Caleb should have paid to progress. I knew it would break the heart of Tyler to pieces. Mark and went to his house, and went to Tyler 's room. I love this guy. is so pure and perfect, and I fucked him I fucked his family, , and I wonder if Mark wanted to talk tome after this. I begged him to say nothing s of Ty, and forced him, and now, bit in the ass. I broke Ty. I looked around the room, the room was dark, and without Ty, is lifeless. There was only one light, the light of a lamp shines on paper on the desktop. I approached him and read a heart breaking song. How can a sad story is a story that is not conducive to good over evil How can you say that the n stabbed hero, who I know, the murderer was her Knight is Well, you can try calling a Story of a Broken Heart We were in love, what I thought, was your baby all what he said to me A lot of lies, but I could buy never thought it would be the last hit so low, choir n but I knew from the beginning This love was too good to be true n and slowly tearing me left in the cold and blue This is the story of a broken heart No knight in shining armor only evil lurks in the dark This is the story of my broken heart x3 Did you knowI gave you all I gave you all of my body and soul I never thought I was your toy You have been playing until he got bored n ow the couple of tears still left I'll save that for someone who is worth n so the best thing ran and left I am looking for someone who loves me n chorus But I knew from the beginning This love is too good to be true its slowly tearing me apart left in the cold and blue This is the story of a broken heart No knight in shining armor only evil lurks in the dark This is the story of a broken heart Bridge I was like a fly \\ \\ n caught in his web I would like to live in my blood, , but decided my fate I wish I had taken my life with a bullet in the chest However, we opted for a slow torture n to kill my soul, instead of This is the story of a broken heart No knight in shining armor \\ \\ n only are you breaking my heart This is the story of my broken heart And slowly tears me story of a broken heart - By Andy Lake n that ended in tears and sniffed its scent on the side. That was his life in a song. ============================================ ========================== == ==== so there are people. We hope that one marked, and I hope you like the song SO. Do not be angry with me for the turn of events, but things are not ALWAYS what they Naked Preteen Girls seem. I was implying that throughout history, and that will stop, TY POV for a while at least two or three chapters, in the , we see how the characters in his life after developing TY is \\ \\ n we'll be gone but he will soon. The next chapter will be up sooon ! I hope you enjoyed this story, and as you may have noticed, has Enter a personal meaning. I hope that has given you. : D Thanks for reading, and I hope you like my story so far. If no read my story together in a list, called Revenge lustful. It the past, so you must look up. It is necessary in the first 50 floors. Thanks again, and please e- mail that I andrewgay41 hotmail. com, if as my story. writer, if I call myself love the feedback, and are not too shy ask personally. Please enter the story I comment. Thank you, Stephen, for editing. You are awesome! Hope you enjoyed this chapter and cause things to stay are Naked Preteen Girls going to be Steam About the author Well, hello ! I, Andy, the author of this store, I hope you are liking n so far, in most of the emails that seem to want to know about me, as I age, hobbies, etc. I am now 18 years old, I like to write, as you can imagine, I love the poems and songs and good to express myself through n words. I want to become a doctor, my favorite color is blue, which looooove ice Cream, Black Swan is my favorite movie is my favorite TV show Friends ! : D I love Chandler, and that somehow his Naked Preteen Girls sense of humor, and the edge sarcastic : D Well, that's me and if you have more questions Do not hesitate, I meail \\ \\ n ! Kisses, n Andy
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